Is Homicide of Women Being Legalized in Turkey?

ozgecan-aslan-yakilarak-oldurulmus-halde-bulundu [Photo Credit:]

The news has been visited this past week by Turks and non-Turks alike time and again under fiery captions since the murder of the young woman in the picture above. Terms like “brutal” or “cruel” are, to me, overused, hence unfortunately, misused referents. I, therefore, opt out from relying on such language. In fact, I choose to leave it up to you, dear readers, to form your own opinion through a synthesis of related information – some of which I provide below. I, myself, remain in grave sorrow over the strikingly intensified violence against and the rapidly increasing numbers in homicide of women in Turkey. I thus join countless others, living in or outside the country, in their equally fast growing disgust and outrage over the Turkish government’s approving silence in the face of primal dismissals of a woman’s right for a life.

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you probably were as unique of a soul as donned by your name of birth

not merely distinctive but a daredevil as well

it is being said you resisted being raped: what a feat…

yet three men ambushing you is not even for a man a fair defeat 

the word is out now: the entire country is crying over your death

a preposterous claim!

what fairy tale can dare to allege a country is made of the female alone?


even a fantasy land would have to have a leading hand

© hülya n. yılmaz, February 22, 2015

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4 responses to “Is Homicide of Women Being Legalized in Turkey?

  1. When l was in Iraq and Jordon honor killing was legal .Annually more than 5ooo women are killed under the umbrella of honor killing.Great post.


  2. Beautiful words Hülya…!
    I can but echo the sentiments of kathysalloum, for the mentality of men who, let alone condone, do not go to the rescue of women being so disgracefully looked upon and treated so, do not qualify as men, nor for that matter as humans, and their silence confirms it.
    What is left of humanity, have to speak out against the likes of such men, best referred to as inhumans, in Turkey, and the world over!


  3. There are no words that can aptly describe my feelings on this situation. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront.


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