…happiness of innocence, or, innocent happiness…

Last week, I ran into a news summary from Turkey. If the source is not citing from a hoax, a new Turkish tribe has been discovered. The references to these nomadic Turks differ between “Reindeer Turks”, “Dukha Turks”,”Old Turks” and “Lost Turks” (and probably with more names to come, as they are apparently under the lenses of diligent studies by various groups). As soon as I viewed the available (Turkish) documentaries – one of which I am sharing with you today, my long-time quest for signs in adults of hard-core innocence and happiness found its niche. For what is said about these ‘lost’ humans translates, to me, into an effective formula of enhancement, if not survival, for our so-called modern-day humanity: belief in equality in all aspects of their life and in lack of distinction between the genders; conviction of sharing as norm; free-spiritedness; heightened sensitivity and practiced care to preserve nature (not even washing their hands in a river for fear of polluting it). Under the influence of what I have first read, then seen several times and finally registered in the depth of my being, I am tempted to conclude that I belong to those truly lost yet wish to fuse into the newly found supposedly ‘lost’ ones…


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