“You can’t win ‘em all.”

On this Sunday, I share with you a new poem I have written to dedicate to those remarkable 700 souls inside their Pennsylvania State student bodies dancing for 46 hours this weekend to raise funds for THON, an annual event of incredible wide-reach impact again students have conceived and materialized toward research on pediatric cancer, an event that has been heard across the United States.



what do we exactly expect?

don’t we deliver them onto tablets-pc?

rejoice when they text they just arrived?

while skyping with their doctors over conditions inside?


face timing dinner choices, about a dessert, or two?

why should their birth-rights become a taboo?

they didn’t invent those gadgets!


(elapse of time by about two decades)


they are still here!

electronic devices, that is

class forgets to begin yet calls abruptly its end

what is there for the rest of us to comprehend?


many may have no interest whatsoever

how they claim their chairs, they don’t seem to care

perhaps, though, we are wrong, and their drive is, in fact, there

it is those fancy devices their hands, in no hiding, openly bare

a pre-natal inhabitation


without causing myself any unnecessary affliction

i take to my aged memory box with great affection

those who look up at me with new-infant-like eyes

at the onset of every class session, with no exception

i, therefore, can’t possibly resent what others won’t put down

this understanding and love, after all, has for long been around


besides, whether clad in electronics or not

it is our students who fight against the cruelest of odds

it is they who raise record-breaking funds to ease children of cancer

THON, they coined their event, where each becomes an enduring dancer

over seven hundred of them, on their feet for forty-six grueling sets of hours

i, for one, am in awe, respect and silent pride that we can and do call them ours


technology cartoon

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

May you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and new week very much!  I hope you will hurry back for another visit.

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