Brian Bagnall Gives Away Belongings to Counteract Black Friday “Craziness”

This post speaks directly of my ongoing deliberations on the subject matter: what if, we were to give away (more) instead of buying items we may already have several sets of and most likely forget somewhere in our closets never to see them for years…(I am remembering some in my extended family who unfortunately suffer from this oversight…And I, probably am, as “guilty”). Thank you, Kindness Blog, for this awareness-raising post!

Kindness Blog

In just a few hours on Saturday, a west suburban man gave away almost everything he owned.

Brian Bagnall, 32, of Franklin Park, who authored a book on happiness, gave away everything in his home aside from a few personal items as he prepared for a move to a furnished home in Virginia.

Instead of selling his belongings, Bagnall reportedly posted on Craigslist that he was giving away his things for free.

“After seeing the many videos of people acting crazy on Black Friday, we wanted to encourage some human kindness,” the Craigslist ad read. “We thought about selling it, but that just wouldn’t be in the holiday spirit.”

But the sale didn’t come without a few rules.

Bagnall asked that no one push, shove, run, yell or do any other mean acts during the giveaway.

“This isn’t Walmart,” the ad said.

Roughly 200 people showed up Saturday morning to…

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2 responses to “Brian Bagnall Gives Away Belongings to Counteract Black Friday “Craziness”

  1. How kind and how delightful the world would be with more people like Brian Bagnall! Thanks for raising awareness Hulya!


    • I wish it were I who had written the post, dear Kathy but it is a borrowed writing, a reblogged text. Thanks belong to the Kindness Blog – a site where there is always something substantial to read about, for a better world (no cliche).


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