It still may not be too late for Amira Osman Hamed


Amira Osman Hamed: Not a mere name but as real of an individual as you and I.


As I am writing this post on Saturday, the 28th of September, “a day” old news according to a Bustle article by  Nathalie O’Neill claims the trial for Amira Osman Hamed, the Sudanese woman who refuses to cover her hair has been postponed from September 19 to November 4.  This time frame is critical, as her case – while “hot” early September now faces the risk of being put on the back burner by her supporters.  Ordinary life will take over.  We know it too well. It always does.  I am, therefore, repeating the plea initiated by poet4justice on a September 19, 2013 post titled Refusing to cover her hair in public.  You may remember my reblogging of that post. Today, I am revisiting Hamed’s predicament in the hope that you may take the time to support her rights as a human being.  Please note the following specifics for your convenience, if you were to decide to sign the petition to get some lawmakers to listen to the worlds of sane voices:

Amnesty Organization Australia petition site . To sign up from the United States, on the standard form, you will be asked the USA phone code for the world.  It is 001 (no individual state codes will do).  Also, the USA zip code for the world is 1511 (no individual zip codes will do).

Should you want to share the Amnesty International Australia plea to petition on behalf of Amira Osman Hamed, the following are provided for you by the site itself (no credit to me):

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