Naivete. Or, is it?

Have you ever been subjected to a treatment where rules were bent beyond their breaking point for the ultimate advantage of another, while you were kept systematically out of the loop to which your lifelong work of dedication and commitment of noted quality had given life?  If so, what was – or continues to be – your coping mechanism?


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5 responses to “Naivete. Or, is it?

  1. Mostly the world is a logical place, so I am certain there must be some reason for that to happen. You just have to look at it from different angles and I am sure you will find the answers yourself. Sometime we ourselves make the challenge bigger and bigger just by focusing the problem. Accept the situation as it exist, and accept the fact that it can not be wished away, its there as a challenge, focus your energy on what you can do to make a change, don’t get bogged down by what others may be doing – their actions are not in your hand. Focus on your action and how how you can act to overcome the challenge. And I am sure you will…


    • Now, dear bhuwanchand, I fear I can’t express my appreciation for your wise words sufficiently. You are stressing an excellent point (as you suspect that I, too, am aware but have allowed it to pass by me..) in that that we can’t wish anything to disappear, just like we can’t wish for anything to happen. ‘Acceptance’, as you state it, dear friend, is the key to an existence without unnecessary turmoil inside, isn’t it? I am hoping to eventually arrive at that calm point. I am not there yet, that fact is what has been almost paralyzing me. But I shall work on at least not to “make the challenge bigger and bigger”. You have my gratitude for having visited me with your generous sharing of your wisdom.


    • If it is not overly personal, may I ask you, dear bhuwanchand, if your peaceful calm inside has been about a learned tradition of spirituality?


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