Guest Blog: Using Writing As A Means Of Therapy by Virginia Cunningham

Own Comment: When left in situations where telling your story is possible in no other format


Using Writing As A Means Of Therapy

For many people, expressing feelings verbally can be difficult; opening up to someone on a particular topic can cause feelings of vulnerability. In this instance, writing serves as a way to be able to express certain feelings through a creative outlet. Writing unlocks your subconscious to bring to light your most pressing thoughts, from current issues at hand or those from the past that you have been avoiding.

The therapeutic effects of writing have been so effective that it is frequently encouraged in the hospital setting for those who are physically or mentally ill. Counselors who have patients who have experienced traumatic events often encourage those patients to use writing as a form of therapy. Suppressing your thoughts is stressful to the body as well as the mind. When you sit down and write, you are taking time to take care of yourself. Instead of…

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4 responses to “Guest Blog: Using Writing As A Means Of Therapy by Virginia Cunningham

  1. A heartfelt welcome to you! I am so glad you are following me because you found my site inviting! As far back as I can think, I believed writing to be an important outlet for me. An outlet for what? That detail, I had not been sure of in the beginning. And you are right, it can be quite discouraging at the outset, especially when you notice the thousands of followers in a blog site. What I have done is just write, trying not to expect any followers. I wrote as much as I needed to. I remember my first digestion of 35 followers: I was close to jumping of joy. (I still have that enthusiasm and sense of excitement in me but don’t ever take my readers for granted.) The therapeutic aspect of writing, just writing, composing words as they come from within you, with no editing (at least not immediately) began to help me ease the emotional turmoil I have been going through for quite some time. The psychological downward trip is, as is my conviction, well justified. Still, if I hadn’t been writing to share -with discretion, of course – with whoever was going to listen to me here became a critical step to take toward healing. Enough of this and about me, right? I thank you for visiting and for deciding to follow. I very much look forward to your visits, comments but also reading your posts. Happy writings until we chat again! :o)


    • Hi choiceandcourage,
      ladysighs has been telling me of your visits to her blog. She is so glad you found something fun to read. She tends to be a little silly but likes meeting new bloggers as indeed I do myself. 🙂

      ladysighs does not mean to be deceitful, but she tends to forget who her creator was/is. If you have courage, you might want to make the choice to read ladysighs’ ABOUT.

      I just choose to ignore her. 😦


      • Dear mixedupmeme, to be fully honest (and direct), I had wondered about the site name. Hmm. Now, I must be quite careful, right? (After I had the courage and the choice to read “About”…) This communication is delightful regardless whether you, her creator, “choose to ignore her” or if I actually get what’s going on here…:o) Thanks to ladysighs for being glad about my visits, and thanks to you for visiting mine.


  2. I would never ever have predicted that writing a blog would be therapeutic. I wasn’t looking to express myself or release inner most tension. I didn’t know what blogging was all about. It was just another computer internet thing that I wanted to know about. In fact it made me feel very tense and nervous and inadequate when I started. Nothing to say and nobody to say it too. Everyone getting likes and comments except….you know who. lol
    I now am glad I have a wonderful little following to chat and laugh with. I rarely follow anyone with many likes etc. I usually seek out those with only a few.
    That’s not why I am following you. LOL I just think yours is an inviting site. 🙂


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