Finding the one out of 7.084 billion

BITTI diyebilmeli ve de kabullenmelisinAccording to the estimation by the United States Census Bureau, the world population today numbers 7.084 billion.

Hence, the odds for anyone to regain their selves’ other.

Only to have to let it go.

Having tasted the ultimate union, the emptiness inside compounds infinitely.

For, in its eternal presence this fire overpowers water.



Translation of the Turkish text inside the image on the top, right (A search for the quote in English turned in vain):

You must  blank out for certain from your life those whom you need to forget.  For, if you do keep them in the box of ‘return’, doing thus will halt you at your core being.”


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6 responses to “Finding the one out of 7.084 billion

  1. Tatsat

    What an immensely profound thought. Somewhat fitting in times when people have relationship issues all the time. Letting go is not easy, but should be pursued nonetheless…


    • Thank you but compared to your “Helpless” mine remains almost irrelevant since it focuses on the personal. I have posted some reflections beyond the personal also, though, I wonder how you would feel about them (they are under my “Sunday Reflections”), such as on the horrifying “Malala Yousufzai” development, the 20 little children who were massacred in the U.S. and a few others. I was taken aback by your “Helpless” very much and look forward to coming back to your blog site.


      • Tatsat

        Societal good can come about only when people make efforts on a personal level. Looking beyond the petty issues, which basically is the extrapolation of ‘letting go’, translates into aware citizenry- which is what the world needs. So, I would say even your personal posts mean a lot.

        Will be checking out the Sunday Reflections as well. Newtown massacre, Malala incident transcend boundaries. Would be interesting to know what you think on those issues.

        ‘Helpless’ was a candid admission, because I can not write on politico-social issues publicly ( writing for a national daily and they have this sort of policy for their employees ). I might be naiive but I genuinely believe that such incidents change the course of our lives, on a personal level, and nation because ..well.. nation is what we all make it to be right ?
        Thank you so much for reading it up. It was kiddish and I just blurted it out…


        • I truly appreciate your insightful and enthusiastic comments. I would very much like it, if you could share with me your opinion about those reflections of mine, while I understand and respect your restrictions regards politico-social discussions. By the way, my sincere congratulations on your profession in writing. As for your thought on the impact of incidences of our focus here on our lives at large, you have my complete agreement. Besides, how can any of us expect to stop and listen, so to speak, if we can’t relate to ourselves at the depth of our beings to be not only in touch of our own selves but those of others as well? Well, so goes the conversation on and on…


          • Tatsat

            Exactly. Isolated living does not seem interesting enough to me 🙂 And there is just so much to take care of in this world. To sit at home and be content, would be a waste of life.
            Thank you so much. I am an aerospace engineer by education, but have keen interest in…well… giving unsolicited opinion 😉 Writing for daily makes it official 😀

            I am quite certain that it is going to be a learning experience for me Hülya.


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