Sinop (Sinope)

Sinop has always transformed my psyche, taking my innermost self to a place of peace.  Its thought alone from a several-days distance where I live now quiets any turmoil I may feel trapped in at any given time.  Regardless of the “hell on earth” I lived there a short few years ago.  My memory – in harmony with my power of imagination, takes me back to the eight-story apartment building where my flat was.  I haven’t been back since the sale of my home in that land of the sea and the sun.  Yet, I often transit myself out of my bedroom onto the long hallway with a direct passage into my living room overlooking the sea, the Turkish Black Sea, to be exact.  I take in the spectacular view, breathe in freedom and begin my imaginary dance that the sound of the waves accompany.  My kitchen adjacent to my living room waits for me to wake up the various aromatic nuances a region-specific breakfast will lend it soon. Then again, hunger doesn’t visit me that early in the morning.  All of this happens in the memory, after all.  Before the locals get on to their daily routines, I sneak in a walk alongside the sea, all the way to the heart of the picturesque town.  I can almost see my shadow.  I had wished desperately to stay there for years to come.  So I believe to have left my shadow there instead.  I can almost spot my spirit still walking on high heels on the bumpy and hole-rich sidewalks up to and in the “Town Square.”  Selecting fresh fruit and vegetables from each stop, I am gliding in and out of stores and cafes, taking in -with an utterly overwhelmed psyche- everything that my senses can conceive of.  Feeling elated all the time.  Bursting with a yet unmet happiness.  My entire being shouting: freedom!

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