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Free Lance Writing


Welcome, or welcome back, dear reader!

(I wish there would be a way for me to greet you all with your names.)

As those of you who have been here before know, I am a full-time teacher.  During our regular semesters, my classes meet three times a week and fifty minutes for each – which still add to a considerable amount of time in terms of physical commitment alone.  In summer, though, I teach every day of the week for a minimum of three hours each day.  And that is time reserved to spend in the classroom alone.  What all these details mean is a fact: there is hardly any time left to concentrate on anything else.  You also know I write.  At least, once a week for our Sundays.  Outside of my commitment to us right here on a weekly basis, a while ago I assumed a responsibility: to study toward a career diploma in Free Lance Writing.  (I hope at this moment, at least some of you are cheering with me…)  Earning this license at this late stage in my life means many things for me, some of which I may reflect on here among you at some point in time.

I am very close to graduating.  July 12 is the day.  I have been working hard on my final exam – a complete short story of four thousand words.  My week days have been filled with non-stop teaching since June 10.  What was left to me was the last weekend and this one…

I hope to be back next week with the news of my diploma to you and with my usual kind of reflections.  Until then, I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and even a more marvelous week!


Cartoon Source: Randy Glasbergen

“The weather report is predicting 3 to 6 inches of paperwork.”


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