Would you mind telling me, …


(Continued from the title) …why you blog?   I so want to hear from you as far as your beginnings with blogging but also why you continued and still continue.

For some, blogging may mean an additional income, even the only income: blog-the-blog-walk-the-walk-talk-the-talk

Not for me (the general advise is for me to hold on to my day job…).

For others, blogging may be the source where they can express their skepticism, even sarcasm:


Not for me (as you all know it by now…)

Why do I blog?

When little, I was a talker.  To the point that years later, my maternal uncle didn’t stop likening my speech speed to a “Kalashnikov” (he is not an arm-carrying, nor gun-supporting person but merely noticed the resemblance as far as fast moving capacity…).  As for my late years, I am known to listen much more (I realized too many others around me had and continue to have much more meaningful things to say).  Writing, I suspect, replaced my eagerness to talk.   As for the meaning of talking, it never left my side: a concrete means to communicate, to converse (although, it is mostly a one-sided dialog what we do).   I blog because I very much enjoy the feeling of connecting with you on any topic.  I love to connect with you.  Period.  The communication culture of my place of birth is one of passionate contact; talking with hands and feet, mimics and gestures galore, hugging and kissing.  While writing a blog lacks those special flavors of human-to-human interaction, it surely is the only possible way for me to make believe all of you are here, actively present, and foremost: listening to me with a mimic, gesture, or a hug, waiting to come my way.  Just like story-telling times probably all of us have shared as a life experience at least once.   We unite.  We communicate.  We converse.  So, I am eager to support the following claim regards blogging: Blogging_quote

An integral question I ask myself non-stop is how to make such conversations worth having on the blogging table.  And for this joint exploration, I reach out to you today.

I began by inviting you to share your thoughts on why you blog.  I am ending with its twin question because I wonder what your deliberations on it are and whether you would like to have a conversation with me on this two-fold question…

Wishing you, as always, a wonderful week and looking forward to your visit on next Sunday.  May you have wonder-filled days in-between.


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4 responses to “Would you mind telling me, …

  1. A friend initially set up a blog site for me as a promotional page for my book. Then I got interested in those gavatars that were appearing and found there’s a whole lovely cyber world out there to connect with, like you. And, so I continue to make friends, read some posts, hop around, post a thing or two at my place, and learn about different things all over the world. 🙂


    • Dear Persecution of Mildred, thank you for accepting my invite to comment! It is always so wonderful to see you here. I like your idea very much. I am, however, not at all good with maintaining momentum. While I am quick to blame my inability to do so, I have a full-time work schedule (college teaching), a responsibility that spans over my evenings and weekends as well. I then wonder, if every blogger except me have time to write full-time or if they also hold a full-time job. At any rate, I am now mumbling on. I am just so excited to hear from you! Let’s meet again, also with ladysighs…


  2. I don’t talk much, so my blog is not filled with long passages of conversation. My thoughts on both my blogs are hidden in my rhymes. I probably come closest to the skepticism/sarcasm blogger. But most of the time I am making fun of myself. I like your picture BLOGGING and its definition.

    I honestly don’t think blogging is a place to have a real conversation. It moves too fast. I would much prefer a small private forum. Then there can be interaction between different members. In a blog the comments rarely continue on between other followers. There is really no depth in the comments or at least I haven’t seen any or participated in any. A new blog post may come daily and you start all over.

    In a forum you get to respond to others besides the originator and the conversation can lead to other topics and meander…who knows where.

    Of course a forum is controlled by one person and that could inhibit one from making certain posts. In a blog you are pretty free to say what you want.

    I have started several forums for friends and friends of friends. It was lots of fun and I think we got to know each other better than in a blog. But it is hard keeping up the interest or perhaps I didn’t choose the right friends. lol

    Did I say I didn’t talk much?????
    This is probably the longest thing I have ever written. But you did say, “Would you mind telling me.” 🙂


    • I LOVE this, ladysighs, I so much LOVE your visit and your thoughtful and thought-provoking reply to my plea! (I’m so very glad you decided to “talk” this time…my bad influence maybe…?!) You raise many important points and make right on the mark remarks. This topic is a slippery one, isn’t it? And, I feel, there can’t be any manual to it. As you say, based on your experiences before, a forum, for instance, is far more sharing-friendly but even that format has its downsides. Perhaps I spend too much time thinking/worrying about this aspect of our communication. We are communicating, and that is what matters, doesn’t it? What you note about the lack of depth in the comments, I for one know my weakness: I, as a blogger, seem to be never prompt, first of all. And then, when I have the time to delve into the depth of any subject matter either another blogger or I raised, the heat of the moment is gone. Besides, again as YOU note, it truly is very hard to keep up the interest. The way you write, though, you have NOTHING to sweat about regards that issue, because your words always (I stress: always) hit the spot as far as genuine, direct, open human interaction is concerned – and you are not even there behind your computer screen…You see, I am a talker (and not necessarily one who makes sense…) and said more than enough but not before I tell you once again how much I appreciated you stopping by with your detailed comments, not leaving me talking to the walls…so to speak. Best wishes for your continued writing or remarkable color and flavor!


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