Memorial Day

This Sunday’s reflections with a universal plea appear here thanks to a post published at Mix&MatchMeme – one I would not have known about, had it not been to its reblogging (thank you, dear Paulette) at The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap


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6 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. Oh! Here I am. Thanks. 🙂


    • Welcome to my site, mixedupmeme! Thank you for your universally inclusive, poignant and utmost moving poem.


      • I like your wallpaper. The houses with the blue balconies and beautiful flowers look so inviting.
        I don’t know why some bloggers choose dark black colors. It makes them so hard to read.
        What does hulya mean?


        • Thank you. I have chosen the wallpaper for exactly the appeal you are stressing. I suspect my Mediterrenean background has everything to do with it, the brightness of the sun united with the deep clear blue of the sea. I agree with you regarding the dark or black colors in some wallpapers: the reading becomes quite difficult.

          Thank you also for your interest in the meaning of my name. Hülya, in Turkish means a few different nuances of the same state of being: dream, daydream, illusion, delusion. But I have been told otherwise by Persian and Arabic scholars. If my memory serves me correctly (as the incident happened about two decades ago at a very chaotic post-conference setting), the Persian gentleman translated it as “ladylike” and the Arab gentleman as “rare gem”. Back then, I thought (still think so today), I could not lose either way. Right?


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